size_1000_540_96bb8fe32603795af73fe20907cd70fe.pngWhile the widely held assumption this year was that the GoPro Karma drone would be the hottest drone to get one’s hands on, it’s quickly become clear over the last 75 days that wouldn’t quite pan out. A mere 7 days after GoPro announced their Karma drone in September, DJI countered with the Mavic Pro. The Mavic Pro would be DJI’s smallest drone to date, while still maintaining and expanding upon the 4K-capable feature-set of its only 5-month old predecessor, the Phantom 4. Not only was it poised to upset the GoPro apple cart, but also become one of the hottest drones to date.

“DJI is truly innovating on their own and pushing boundaries on the hardware level in so many ways, and has become a powerhouse in the market.”

content_mavic__7_We were curious – would the unit be better for solo sports action? Meaning, the ability to take shots and videos of yourself without a secondary person controlling the drone. You may have seen other drone retrospectives earlier this year, and then our GoPro Karma drone post the week GoPro recalled said drone. Would the Mavic Pro be our best bet? we set to find out. As with all these reviewed we get hands on time with the final build. Same goes for the countless other products we’ve purchased or tested though never bothered featuring (mostly because they were so terrible we got bored quickly with them).

7ebb72953a8d493e715a281510838107It’s without question the drone we’d recommend folks buy, especially if they want to travel with it.  If you plan to use your drone 100% nearby your house, then you can honestly save some money and pickup a Phantom 4 (or even 3).  Or, you can increase specs and go with the Phantom 4 Pro.  But for the rest of us that want easy portability and something the size of a running shoe, the Mavic Pro is where it’s at.


This is a short overview of the very heated debate raging around the Mavic Pro and its place in the market, for a more in-depth dive at the comparisons to competitors, we recommend our friends here and here for more advice. Alternatively, watch this spot on review by FliteTest.