yamaha_silent_guitar_1.jpgManufacture by Yamaha, the silent guitar is a guitar with a solid or chambered body. Its
minimalist body is not only visually appealing but it eliminates the feedback problems for
guitarists. Yamaha was looking to design a more modern feel to the classic form of the
conventional guitar. The original design of the silent guitar came into development as a result of a joint effort between the project team and the Yamaha Design Laboratory. The conventional guitar lines with the ground breaking new form makes the silent guitar unlike any other guitar. The shear design of silent guitar makes it a must have for any guitarists.
The design of the silent guitar is not the only unique attribute. The open body of the guitar is detachable, which enhances the portability better than any other guitar. Weather for business or for pleasure the easy detachable parts of the guitar makes the portability aspect less of a necessity and more of a luxury. Guitarist do not worry, the silent guitar has excellent durability features. Yamaha has finally solved the headache for traveling guitarists finding space for there instrument. Which makes the silent guitar the absolute perfect instrument to travel with, because it removes the awkwardness of handling a instrument.
“It’s a boon for guitarists living in close quarters and prone to late-night inspiration, or
those unwilling to travel with a fine concert instrument.
yamaha_silent_guitar_2.jpgThe silent guitar is a type of guitar that converts the vibration of the strings into electric using a piezoelectric pickup as well as high quality digital samples of acoustic guitar strings. The open body of this guitar does not intensify the vibration of the strings into audible sound. The hushed tone from the Silent Guitar could be heard over a conversation at a moderate volume, Which is great for live performances. I guess they don’t call it a Silent Guitar for no reason. Yamaha installed its studio response technology and preamp system. This system includes the tone controls, a blend knob for adjusting the ratio of sound from the under-saddle pickup versus the preamp’s modeled sounds. And another knob lets you graduate between digital reverb and chorus effects.
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